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Mar 24, 2019
Hi, we are happy to announce that the beta will take place on March 20, 2019 at 10pm (UTC Time). Some functionality will be missing:
  • The friend system
As it is a beta, some bugs may appear. You can report them to us in the Bug Reports category.
You can now download the apk here : .
If you have any difficulties, here is a tutorial :

Warning : We remind you that during the installation our application does not touch the original game. There is therefore no security risk for your original account. So you can keep the original game.

OP Command

To be able to execute a command, go to the general chat and write: /op [commandName]

List of commands for attacks:
  • attack me : Allows you to attack your own village.
  • attack [player tag] : Allows to attack the specified player. (ex: /op attack #2pp).
  • attack generate : Allows to attack a generated base.
  • attack generate [object id] : Allows to attack a base filled with the specified object (and with a town hall).
List of commands for village :
  • village upgrade : Upgrade all buildings and traps by one level .
  • village max : Upgrade all buildings and traps to the maximum level permitted by Town Hall.
  • village obstacle : Removes all obstacles of the village.
List of commands for units and heroes :
  • unit max : Upgrade all units to the max level.
  • hero max : Upgrade all heroes to the max level.
  • hero reset : Reset all heroes level.
If you have difficulty executing some commands, check that you have entered it correctly.

EDIT: The commands must be executed in the News menu!
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